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A look at the Zodiac crimes between December 1968 and October 1969, what they meant, and why these are the most widely agreed upon.  

We talk with the team of from the subversive romantic comedy Bite Me, premiering tomorrow, March 9th at the California Theatre! 



We talk with the team from Lupe, a powerful and intimate drama playing at Cinequest! 

A science fiction film that is smart, fun, sassy, and highly enjoyable! We sit down with Writer/Director Rob Schulbaum, and actor Sean Carmichael about this phenomenal flick you can see at Cinequest, premiering on Thursday, March 7!

The Wrong Todd

We sit down with Heidi Yewman, director of Behind the Bullet, about her fantastic documentary!

The Illiac Suite, HPSCRD, John Cage, Lajaren Hiller, Illinois, and more in the world of Computer Music.

We chat about the short Nocturne, showing in Shorts Program 1! https://payments.cinequest.org/WebSales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=85254~78899376-35a9-4153-8303-e1557be2dc32&epguid=d52499c1-3164-429f-b057-384dd7ec4b23&#.XH8BGcBKhdg

We interview Imogen McCluskey and Beatrice Barbeau about their Cinequest feature Suburban Wildlife! https://payments.cinequest.org/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=85219~78899376-35a9-4153-8303-e1557be2dc32&epguid=d52499c1-3164-429f-b057-384dd7ec4b23&#.XH7vfsBKhdg

A look at the legendary 60 Minute Iron Man match from 2003

A look at the wonderful, and terrifying, roller coaster Stealth, and how a coaster can be both controlled and scary! 

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